What is turnkey construction?

Turnkey refers to a product or service that is sold as completed, and the obligation for completion rests with a contractor. In the case of a turnkey metal building project, one contractor is paid to handle the project from start to finish and then hand you the keys to your completed building. This means that the contractor handles every aspect of construction completion, inside and out, which can include things like:

      • Floor plans/design
      • Site development
      • Permitting
      • Concrete
      • Metal framework
      • Assembly and erection
      • Interior services (electrical, plumbing, flooring, painting, HVAC, drywall)

How does buying turnkey benefit me?

  1. Turnkey building construction leaves the responsibility for project coordination and completion entirely on the contractor, which means the project owner does not have to be involved in the coordination of construction, permitting, and subcontractors.
  2. Since turnkey buildings offer an expedited construction process with often pre-assembled and pre-constructed components, that means substantially lower cost across the board.
  3. Contractors and construction companies are responsible for overages if a project exceeds the budget, which is increased incentive for projects to be delivered on-time and on-budget.

Oklahoma Steel Building Systems offers turnkey building construction services in OKC and central Oklahoma

How are turnkey buildings different than design-build?

The difference in turnkey and design-build ultimately comes down to the level of the project owner’s involvement throughout the construction process.

Design-build means that an owner is working frequently with a contractor (or coordinating subcontractors themselves) to make decisions regarding designs, budgets, and schedules. There is not a packaged price that has been agreed upon, so owners have more discretion to choose where to spend more or less, as well as how to overcome unforeseen obstacles and expenses. Design-build also means that the responsibility for project completion is left with the project owners and not a contractor.

Turnkey building construction is an agreed upon project delivery, after which the project’s owner can sit back and wait to be handed to keys to his or her new metal building. Turnkey building construction usually involves pre-assembled and pre-constructed beams and frames, mean lower costs and quicker build times.