The oil and gas industry has been a major component in Oklahoma’s economy for over 100 years. This makes it no surprise that a large portion of Oklahoma Steel Building’s projects have been in oil and gas building construction. From cryoplants to midstream infrastructure, oil transfer stations to control rooms, steel buildings are perfect solutions to the demands of oil and gas production. For over 20 years, Oklahoma Steel has completed projects for clients like MarkWest, Connect Midstream, and Select Engineering.

We specialize in:

  • Transmission buildings
  • Compressor covers
  • Control rooms
  • Motor control centers
  • AI buildings
  • RO buildings
  • Midstream storage facilities
  • Oil transfer station infrastructure
  • Chemical storage solutions


Benefits of Steel for Oil & Gas Building Construction

• Safety

A major factor when selecting steel as your building material is the consideration that steel is fire resistant. This non-combustible option far exceeds the safety offerings of wood frame buildings or fabric structures, making it the obvious building choice in an oil and gas construction situation.

The customization options during the design process can allow for vents or exhaust fans as needed, meeting the ventilation requirements often encountered in this industry.

• Adaptability

The design of steel buildings leaves them easily expandable for future operations, allowing your infrastructure to easily grow as you do.

Oil and gas building construction also faces unique demands when it comes to equipment accommodation, including top-running or underhung cranes. The general design of steel buildings allow for higher ceiling clearances to fit these needs.

• Durability

Oil and gas buildings face unique challenges and extreme work conditions during their daily use. The strength and durability of steel buildings is a huge benefit to the lifespan of the structure, which means your building has been built to last. Additionally these buildings require little to no maintenance.