What does a general contractor do?

General contractors are usually selected by a client after a project’s bidding process is completed. A general contractor is usually not involved in any pre-construction design or planning, so it may be necessary for contractors to work with project architects or engineers during the course of construction to overcome any unforeseen obstacles.

How will a general contracting services benefit my building project?

A GC is your primary point of contact for day to day operation of your job site. Use of a general contractor alleviates the need for the client or owner to coordinate and manage a project’s subcontractors. A general contractor oversees the necessary subcontractors for a project and assumes responsibility for those subcontractors’ licensing, insurance, and workers’ compensation.

Oklahoma Steel Building Systems is your trusted OKC general contractor.

What is a general contractor responsible for?

  • Project bids based on scope of proposed work
  • Communication with project architect, engineer or construction manager
  • Contact and management of all suppliers and vendors
  • Hiring and management of all necessary subcontractors
  • Ensuring safety on the job site
  • Ensuring all work is completed correctly and on-time

General contracting + Construction management?

Oklahoma Steel Building Systems offers services and assistance to best fit the needs of your project. This can include involvement in the pre-construction planning and designing in a construction management capacity, before evolving into a general contractor that can take the planning and design from pre-construction and bring plans to fruition on-time and on-budget. We take the confusion out of clients needing to coordinate with multiple vendors to bring a project to completion. The quality of our work is directly related to the quality of people we surround ourselves with. We have built a network of employees and contractors that share our vision of quality and success.