What is ISNetworld?

Oklahoma Steel Building Systems is an ISN certified contractor in Oklahoma City.ISN is a self-proclaimed “global leader in contractor management services.” ISN offers a portal for clients to find qualified contractors and suppliers, with an emphasis on risk management and relationship building. More than 600 hiring clients from different industries and regions trust ISN to expedite the qualification process of their next contractor or supplier, which keeps projects on schedule and the job site safe.

How does an ISN certified contractor benefit my project?

If you’re an ISNetworld hiring client you’ve already experienced the benefits of working these certified contractors. ISN quickly connects clients who are ready to hire with a contractor that meets their specific needs, and has been verified. This keeps your job site safe and eliminates a lot of internal and external reporting requirements when it comes to commercial clients, since all necessary documents can be easily accessed through ISN’s portal.

Oklahoma Steel Building Systems is an ISN certified contractor.

How do you become an ISN certified contractor?

Contractors and suppliers submit information to ISNetworld based on certain regulatory requirements. This self-reported information can include:

        • Management system information
        • Health and safety programs
        • Environmental sustainability and quality programs
        • Injury and illness records
        • Audit results
        • Insurance certificates
        • Workers’ compensation
        • Training and supporting documents

These applications are reviewed and verified before the applying contractors and suppliers are considered ISN certified. From that point forward, potential clients can find contractors and suppliers they are needing based on the criteria provided on the ISNetworld platform. This allows clients to contact relevant businesses that have already been through a rigorous screening process, especially where safety requirements are concerned.

There are also safety agencies that can assist contractors in the submission process of these documents, as well as the maintenance necessary to avoid lapses in training records and the regulatory documents necessary to remain certified.