Frame Types

Rigid Frame Clear Span

Rigid Frame Clear Span These structures are used where a large column-free floor area is required. The extensive size and structural integrity of these buildings make them ideal for auditoriums, gymnasiums, show rooms, and aircraft hangars. 


Tapered Beam Straight Column

Tapered Beam Straight ColumnThese column-free structures economically encompass shorter-span areas and are ideal for small retail stores, buildings, and offices.


Flush Wall Clear Span

Flush Wall Clear SpanThese buildings offer flush, unbroken interior wall spaces with open, column-free floor areas. Their attractiveness and versatility make them ideal for convenience stores and small office buildings.



Lean-ToThese structures economically increase the width of existing or new buildings without the additional need of valley gutter. They are ideal for retail buildings, office complexes, and shopping centers.


Rigid Frame with Post

Rigid Frame with PostThese buildings provide maximum width at the most economical cost and are ideal for most manufacturing plants, industrial warehouses, retail buildings, and shopping centers.


Single Slope Clear Span

Single Slope Clear SpanThese buildings are used where one-way roof drainage is desired and column-free floor area is required. They are ideal for individual retail buildings, office complexes, and shopping centers.